BANDS / D J Service 

For many events, all that is needed is just an INSTRUMENTAL PIANO -- or someone providing soft ballads "singing with guitar and/or piano accompaniment".  There are many times that will be all you really need ... But what if your guests want to dance?  Not a problem . . .
In addition to the "Instrumental Piano" or "Piano/Guitar/Vocal" formats, Jim Smith also works with TWO BANDS which can easily provide more up-tempo songs which are popular for dancing . . . 
  • "Aftermath, Experience the 60s" ... 6 piece show band, specializing in VERY authentic covers of hit songs popularized in the 1960s1
  • "The Yale Avenue Band", a very full-sounding 3-piece band specializing in a VARIETY of music,
    (Classic Rock, Top 40 and Standards). Utilizing multiple-instruments, all 3 members alternate between "lead" and harmony vocal parts.

"D J" service is also available, which can be booked separately of -- or "packged" with -- any of the other (solo or band) musical formats mentioned.  For more information, select any of the 3 additional tabs which appear in left margin when your cursor hovers over the "BANDS / D J" option.